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Question: Does using a computer reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?

Answer: Scientific research indicates that the answer is YES!

Lower Risk of Alzheimer'sHere is some of the scientific evidence that this is true: Alzheimer's Disease and Brain Work

Based on additional research information, it is clear that computer use alone does not guarantee that a particular person will not  be stricken with Alzheimer's disease. 

Some of the risk factors for Alzheimer's include genetic inheritance, diabetes, high blood pressure and other physical conditions. 

Nonetheless, continuing use of our minds as in reading newspapers, pursuing hobbies that involve us mentally, even being actively involved mentally with TV and mentally challenging interactive pursuits (chess, checkers, poker, gin rummy, etc) can be very helpful.  Such activities can often boost a persons resistance to Alzheimer's disease. 

Please, do not doubt the fact that computer use is extremely stimulative to our cognigative brain functions.  Lots of computer use gives our minds a workout.

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