Computer Lessons by Wayne Barns.  Convenient, low cost on-site Computer Lessons by Wayne Barnes, The Tulsa Geek.   Wayne repairs, upgrades, and teaches computer use in your home or business.  Save a bundle ;)

Learning how to use a computer is never truly difficult.  It's really very similar to learning how to drive Computer Repair Tulsa Geeka car.  Stanley, one of my senior students, originally phoned to ask me if he was "too old" or "too stupid" to learn computers. He was 76 at that time. 

     In a few weeks Stanley was impressing his wife and even his grandchildren.  In such a short time he was using email and basic financial programs (Quicken) to manage his money. His only regret is that he waited so long.

Stanley was not "too old" or "too stupid" and your friend or relative will probably do as well as Stanley did, perhaps better.

Here is important information about Seniors, Computers, and Alzheimer's.  Check it out.

Computer Lessons

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   Few things make me feel as good as when I teach others, privately, one-on-one, how to use computers. Older folks, especially, ask me if they are "too dumb to learn" how to use their own computers.  They tell me that their kids and grand kids are always "showing off".  Grandpa and grandma want to show the kids that they also "know a thing or two" about computers.

Learning how to use computers empowers young and older folks alike. Computer users actually ARE more powerful than people who still mistakenly believe that they can't learn.

   It's like learning to drive a car for the first time.  The learner sits in the driver's seat  quickly learns by following my instructions step-by-step.  Lots of older folks, many already retired, are learning computers every day.  Who do you know in your family, or circle of friends, that would just love being able to send email, manage their finances or shop online?

Anyone Can Learn

   How to use email.

   How to "browse the web.

   How to shop online -- compare prices and save $$$$.

   How to manage finances - - visit and use their bank online.

   How to manage investments online; use brokerage accounts online.

   How to be SAFE online. Be protected from spyware, malware, viruses, hackers, "phishing" (theft of private/personal information).

   How to make a web page and do business online.

   How to share interests and hobbies online.

   How to take classes and courses online about ANYTHING!

   How to use search engines or anything else online.

This list could go on and on for thousands upon thousands of pages; but you already get the idea and so will any of your friends or family who have not yet become knowledgable!

Need a hand?  Just email or call me: (918) 645-1470.  If I am with a customer I will return your call as soon as I am free; just leave a brief message with your name and phone number.  Please state your call back number twice to be sure I get it right.

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