The Tulsa Geek repairs, upgrades, and teaches computer use in your home or business.  Low Cost.  RAM & Memory, hard drives, external back ups, CD roms, keyboards, speakers, monitors, mice, analog and/or digital monitors.  Actually, I work with just about everything related to computers including teaching how to use them.  Save a bundle ;)

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Computer Repair Services by The Tulsa Geek

  The "Resources page" is my current list of other websites to shop for software or hardware of special interest and savings for my customers and visitors.  Please note that there are NO financial relationships between myself and any of the people or companies that I recommend.  I am not being paid to "plug" anything at all; that would not be ethical to me.

Resources For Your Interest

The "About Power" newsletter mentions UPS devices.  These are Uninteruptable Power Supplies.  One of the oldest and most reliable makers of thes is APC.  Here is the URL of their website:
If necessary copy and paste this link into your browser:

Do you own more than 1 computer?  You can enable them to share the same internet connection by using a wired or wireless router.  Our favorite brand is "D-Link", visit their website here:

Here is a wonderful FREE utility that cleans and repairs the Windows Registry, defrags your hard drive, finds and removes spyware, diagnoses and repairs system problems and more.  It is called "Advanced System Care" and you can download it here: Advanced System Care

The glossary teaches the importance of defragging; undoing the fragmentation of our hard drives to keep our computers running quickly.  There are a number of different companies that make a program that you can buy and install on your computer that will do the defragmentation in the background while you are working.  One of the good ones is called Magical Defrag, produced by "Ashampoo".  Here is where you can try or buy Magical Defrag

More are coming; visit again in a few days.  Remember to bookmark our site.

Need a hand?  Just email or call me: (918) 645-1470.  If I am with a customer I will return your call as soon as I am free; just leave a brief message with your name and phone number.  Please state your call back number twice to be sure I get it right.

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Questions? Concerns?  Just call (918) 645-1470 or send
I won't let you down.

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